While my publisher works on my final proofs for my novel, Lucy, which I hope will be available this time next month, I find I’ve been listening to some of my favorite artists in the late 70’s and 80’s. And since Lucy is somewhat of a child’s romance, as well as sci-fi and fantasy, I checked out the pre-teen and teen singing groups available on Spotify, and the ones I remember. I wanted to taste again that innocent flavor. You know, that pre-sexual crush, when kissing someone is still a fantasy, but you’re absolutely infatuated. I noticed something weird. Let’s see if you do. The teens and pre-teens available to my listening ears were: The Jackson Five New Edition Another Bad Creation, or ABC Musical Youth Anyone see a pattern here? Every single group named above was composed of teen or pre-teen boys. In all my searching, (I even knelt before that great oracle Google), I never found even one pre-teen or teen girl band. I’m not saying there aren’t any girl groups. The sixties brought us The Crystals, the Angels, the Dixie Cups, and the Cookies. Not to mention others. When my son was little, he mentioned the Spice Girls a lot. But none of them were pre-teen or early teen. It seemed only reasonable to me that while I was drooling over Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike, (and of course, Ralph), some young boy would be drooling over Judy, Missy, Susie, and Jane. Or something like that. There was Stacy Lattisaw, twelve years old, when she brought out “Let Me Be Your Angel”. Lord, did I adore that song. Monica was, what—fifteen when she brought out the equally adorable “Why I Love You So Much”. And I know I’m missing a few teen girls. I think Tamia was fourteen when she made her first single, but I haven’t yet researched that. Here again is a pattern. All these youngsters straggle along single file. What’s up with that? Then, after more obeisance to the great Google oracle, I found out that it’s apparently rooted in the human psyches. It seems every teen girl revels in fantasies of teen celebrities loving only her. Anyone remember that episode of Family Matters when Johnny Gill sang to Laura? True, it was another of Steve’s ploys to win her, but still … Apparently, according to all the research I’ve been doing, boys don’t fall in love with girl singers or girl bands, so that’s why there wasn’t a female New Edition counterpart. So, that’s why no Judy, Missy, Susie, and Jane. Or is it that a group of girls couldn’t get along? I don’t know. All I know is, I like groups of girls. It reminds me of my days in Brantford, where I lived at a residential school for the blind. Back then, my name was Darlene, and I was one of a threefold cord. We were Wendy, Natalie, and Darlene. Other girls in my dormitory grouped along those lines: twos, threes, and fours. Now, I’m in my fifties, my name’s been Thea for twenty years, my health isn’t that great, and I’m very much alone. So I spend my time writing these days. In my book, Lucy, the main character, is ten, eleven years old. Even though Earth is hurtling toward self-destruction, it’s she and Kim against the world. Even the death of her parents, and going to a strange planet where their Andorphian parents change her name to Honey, and Kim’s name to Precious, this female grouping stands; only, now Honey and Precious have a new sister, Lithe. And a new cheer. “Honey, Precious, Lithe, The three best girls alive”. There’s more, if you want to read it when it comes out. So, fellas, help me out, okay? If, as a pre-teen or teen boy you didn’t crush out or wouldn’t crush out on a pre-teen or teen girl band, who was your idol back then? Was it an older singer, or movie star? What was the appeal at that age? Who do you like nowadays?