Pay To Play

Well, I’m here to eat crow.

You can watch if you like. Ha ha.


Yesterday, I wrote a piece about Plenty of Fish, the dating site.

In that piece, I said I could resist the temptation to pay to find out who my secret admirer was.


Guess what? I couldn’t. Not for long, anyway.

I paid up, and downloaded the app for my iPhone.

My hands are aching from all the message-writing. Also, I’m happy to say that at least POF is sending me matches that live in my city, which is more than I can say for any of the other sites I’ve tried.


It’s only day one, and already I’m excited about the prospect of meeting someone.

I feel doubly good that I’m getting these messages in spite of the fact that I was completely honest about my disabilities.


I guess you could say I got tired of looking into the water, knowing there were fish, but not being able to really interact.

Yes, as a free member, you can write messages back and forth and see images and profiles.

But if you want to swim with those fish, it seems to me you have to pay the toll.


So far, the water’s fine. By the way, if you’re also on the site, look for me.

I’m 1EndorphinJunkie.


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